Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New Frauds from IEEE at India: Fake IEEE Projects

Fake IEEE Projects - Yamee Cluster, Vellalar Street, Adambakkam,Chennai-88

Dear All, Please do not buy any IEEE projects from Yamee Cluster,Chennai. We students from Madurai, asked for latest IEEE-2011 projects ......they charged us Rs.4000 per student and gave one IEEE project stating it as the latest IEEE 2011 project. After few months we got to know from our friends, what they gave us was a 2008 IEEE project. They generally rename/modify the 2008/2009 IEEE projects and sell it as 2011 IEEE projects in Chennai. They do not provide a big technical support too.When we questioned about this, they are not even responding to our calls. After getting the money from us, they cheated us nicely. So students, please don't get cheated from this project center - YameeCluster . One of the worst fake company who sells IEEE projects at very high cost and gives the fake IEEE-2011 projects. Please do not get cheated from this Yamee cluster -the fraud.